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Phoenix School Learning Garden is focused on teaching students agricultural practices with hands-on experiences. Through this blog we hope to educate others and also learn from community members through discussions.

Donations Galore!

A few weeks ago, we received A LOT of amazing plant starts from Lighthouse Center & Bakery in Sutherlin. They gave us winer squash, cabbage, parsley, and a lot of beautiful flowering plants that we filled our flower beds with.

This week, they dropped off even more flowers and plants of all types! Possibly the most exciting addition is a ground cherry (or gooseberry) bush which will be kept inside the greenhouse. While it’s not a very well-known fruit, their small, yellow-orange fruits have a sweet-tart flavor and resemble a cherry tomato. It can even produce inside year-round!

The plants and flowers will be beautiful additions to the garden and we are so excited to plant the rest of them. Thanks again to Tom, Stephanie and Holly at Lighthouse Center!

We also received a generous donation of wood chips from Roseburg Forest Products the other week. With about 120 yards of chips currently piled outside the garden, they will soon be dispersed throughout the garden and used for making paths in the berry patch.

Students are working hard to lay paths and spread the chips. It is amazing how fresh wood chips transform the garden!

A huge thank you to both Lighthouse Center and Roseburg Forest Products. The learning garden is a collaborative effort and it is able to flourish because of the local community! Phoenix is extremely appreciative and can’t wait to continue to develop the garden into an even better education space while producing food to sustain our school and give back to the community.

Signing off for now – there’s lots of work to be done!


Garden Update – Early Spring 2021

Hi All!

Spring is on the horizon and the garden is starting to come alive again!

Exciting things are happening in the learning garden from starting seeds, to preparing the second garden space for a 120 blueberry bush patch. We’re SO glad students will be able to be back in the garden come third trimester and can’t wait to see the transform! Watch to the end for a super cute new addition, too!

New Year Garden Update

Greetings from the learning garden!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, great new year, and are excited to return to hybrid learning at the end of the month! We certainly are looking forward to it! 🙂

In the meantime, you can check out the garden update to learn about bio char, pruning fruit trees, and what’s going on inside the greenhouse.

Stay safe and see you all soon!

November’s Garden Update!

Hi Everyone!

We’re happy to show you what has been going on in the learning garden this month. From putting the outdoor beds to rest for the winter to decorating the lobby for the holiday season, click the link below to watch the full video!

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And as always, we really miss the students & hope to see them soon in person!

Garden Update for October

Hi Phoenix Students, Staff, Family & Friends,

We have been busy, busy, busy in the garden this past month! Our biggest project was recovering the greenhouse in new poly plastic before cold weather hit. Now, we’re working on cleaning out and organizing the inside so that we can install a hydroponics system and put the garden beds to use.

Outside, we’ve harvested the last of the vegetables and have begun composting and putting the beds to rest for the winter. Eric demonstrates how to properly do so.

Watch the video below for the full update!

Recovering the Greenhouse in New Poly!

Hello Everyone!

The past few weeks we have been busy working on the greenhouse. Below is a video that explains a bit of the process. We wish the students could’ve been there to help!

Garden Update for September

Hi Everyone!

September has been quite the month of changes for the garden and the school. First off, Rachel joined the garden squad as the new Healthy Futures AmeriCorps for the year.

We also started back the school year virtually, and miss you all so much! It’s been a big change, especially without students in the garden. We can’t wait to see you all again in person hopefully soon.

The fruits and vegetables have been overflowing this month, too! From tomatoes to zucchini to pumpkins to squash to grapes, we’ve been harvesting like crazy and beginning to prepare for winter.

Make sure to watch below for the full update! Cheers from the garden!

We Made the News!

Hi All,

We have been working hard this last month. The heat has been intense but our spirits are high as we have been constantly harvesting more produce than we could handle! With so much produce it was only natural that we try to give back to the community and our efforts have been praised by the local news! If you want to see the news article check out the link below! Enjoy the rest of your summer and remember to stay tuned to hear more about the great things we are doing at the Phoenix Learning Garden.

Garden Update for August

Hi all,

We are happy to show you what we have been working on this month in the Phoenix School Garden. The link for this month’s Garden Update video will be posted below so take a look and see some of the cool stuff we have been doing! It has been quite the productive month! We hope you are all enjoying the nice summer weather and we will see you all soon!

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