Notes from the Phoenix School Garden Club’s Trip to Abacela

On Wednesday, January 21st the garden club took a trip to Abacela Winery and vineyard, to learn how to properly take care of growing grapes. Some of the things we learned were pruning, pH levels, grafting, and ,ending soil. We learned the basics of vineyards and how to properly produce grapes. There are many steps to grow grapes, and it begins with the soil. Grapes prefer well drained soil and a pH level of 5 to 6.5. The difference between table grapes and wine grapes is all in how you take care of them and the type of species. Unlike wine grapes, table grapes are given large quantities of water, making them produce a plump and juicy grape. However; wine grapes have “thick skin”, enhancing the quality of the grape.In order to maintain our soil, we need to add just enough water so the soil will stay moist, but not too much to drowned the soil. Another important part of growing grapes is grafting. Some grape plants are prone to getting certain diseases, so you would need to prune off the roots of a grape plant that is resistant to the type disease. You then would graft the grape plant onto the disease resistant root. We are planning to grow grapes to start our own vineyard.

If you have any tips on growing grapes, please leave comments or questions below

The Garden Club