The new growing season is upon us! The broccoli we planted last week has already started to sprout and many students got their hands dirty planting seeds for the new season!

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How to Plant Broccoli Starts by Tristan (Phoenix Horticulture Class Student)

1) Make sure to bleach you pots in a diluted bleach/water solution to kill off any bacteria or diseases that could be spread by the plants that were in the pots last year

2) Fill your pots with a good potting soil mixture (you can buy some or make your own like us!)

3) Plant seeds 1/2 inch deep in the soil, make sure to not plant them to deep or they could have trouble growing.

4) Plant 2-3 seeds per pot and cover up with soil

5) Water seeds thoroughly after planting to insure they get a good start in life!

We planted two varieties of broccoli, do you have a specific type of broccoli you like to plant? Share your thoughts and experiences with us!