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March 2015

checking soil

Today in the greenhouse we are planting parsley. Also, outside in the garden we are checking soil samples.P_20150331_090541


Snowberry Cuttings and Lupine project


After such a long wait for spring break to end we have come back to see that our snowberry plants have begun to sprout leaves.

The lupine project is also going really well now that the majority of the plants have sprouted their true leaves, even the ones we recently planted!


P_20150330_090202 The broccoli is happy today! We are spraying around the plant with a mixture of water, soap, and essential oils to protect them from snails.

Agriculture Class Bio-char Project

The Phoenix Agriculture Science class has recently started using broccoli plants to study the effects of bio-char on the soil and plants. We will be sure to gradually update you with pictures on the progress of this.



Lupine project 3/12

Here is a current list of how many sprouts each type of growing method has produced:

Nicked: 72

Cold stratified: 17

Scratched: 33


An interesting observation we have taken is that the cold stratified seeds that had just began sprouting last week, almost all of them have started showing their true leaves by this time.

(update) Lupine Project 3/9

We are super glad that the lupine project is turning out so well with the true leaves growing now. Even many of the nicked seeds we had just planted no more than a week ago have already sprouted. Soon we may even be able to transport many of the plants outside.

-Phoenix School Student

Greenhouse Update #Pansy


Greenhouse is becoming very luscious #Beauty#DoingGood

-Phoenix School Agriculture Science Student

Greenhouse Lettuce

Garden update :3
Lettuce was harvested for lunch today!

lupine project 2/25

Wed. February 25th

Lupine Seedling

Our Lupine project is really starting to take off, many of the plants are beginning to sprout their first true leaves. A lot of the lupine seeds had different things done to them before planting which is causing them to all grow at different rates such as; The seeds that had a small incision cut into them then soaked before planting which have grown 54 sprouts up to this point and are the only ones showing true leaves. This led us to plant 98 more due to their high rate of growth. The seeds that where scratched with sand paper grew 14 sprouts. The seeds that where put in the cold for one week have grown 9 sprouts. Finally the seeds that where soaked only for 12 hours before planting have grown 8 sprouts.

We can’t wait too see all of these plants to grow in to beautiful flowers.

-Phoenix School student

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