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April 2015

Spring is Here!

Spring has been going really well for us, so we have decided to upload a few photos to show what’s been going on so far.



Biochar Research Project

The Biochar Research Project is really taking off! We have four plots that we are conducting research in using biochar. In the bed treated with compost\biochar the average height of the broccoli plants came to 8.3 inches, the bed with just compost average height is 6.7 inches. The bed with just biochar the broccoli plants average is 8.6 inches and the control bed’s average broccoli plant height is 8 inches.  We have also been keeping track of mortality rate and nutrient retention.  We will be updating pictures of the plots tomorrow, so stay check back soon!

Lupine Project

P_20150402_104734 P_20150402_104657 P_20150402_105224

After many weeks the lupines have all grown their true leaves. The total number of plants that have sprouted is 210 which is pretty amazing because HALF of them are the seeds that where nicked and soaked. We cannot wait until all of the plants have fully matured.

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