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Phoenix School Learning Garden is focused on teaching students agricultural practices with hands-on experiences. Through this blog we hope to educate others and also learn from community members through discussions.


May 2015

Marigold and Tomato’s Companionship

Today we planted some marigold and tomato plants in the same bed. I was unsure why this is such an important companionship until i did some research. Although many of the “myths” about marigolds have been proven wrong by science they HAVE been proven to protect against nematodes. This is a good thing because Plant-attacking nematodes reduce plant vigor, stunt growth, and cause death.


Eastwood Trip

Yesterday the garden instructor and a student took a trip to Eastwood Elementary School to teach some of the fifth grade students about Bio-char and its effects on an experiment we are currently conducting.

P_20150518_125651 P_20150518_125658

We are conducting an experiment on lemon basil plants where we have 20 plants half with bio-char and half without. We are studying the effects on growth and moisture levels. The Eastwood fifth graders where taught about the general effects of bio-char, how to make it and our findings in this experiment. 

planting Kentucky blue “beans”

planting beans   planting  beans:

Beans need support in order to grow properly. So we have buiit a teepee to help them grow.

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