So, I’ve had pretty bad luck in the past with getting cuttings to root. I’ve tried different kinds of soils, different kinds of cuttings (soft wood v semi-hard wood), and still, I’ve never had any luck.

In a determined frenzy I decided that I was going to successful, no matter how many cuttings I had to try. Pictured below we have three different kinds of soil. One is a heavy starter mix/heavy vermiculite/light soil mixture. The next is exclusively vermiculite. The third is a heavy soil/light vermiculite mixture. Hopefully, if it is my soil mixture that has been causing problems, that variety will ensure success. [Note, I made my own potting soil from coconut husk, greensand, rock phosphate, lime, sand, and vermiculite]


Then I took Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme cuttings, and I lined them up in two rows- one with rooting hormone and one without.


I will report results of the experiment back to you!