Every other Saturday, we at Phoenix go to the local farmer’s market. And every other Sunday, we forget at least one thing.
The day before we start prepping and loading up.
We start by getting the tent.
We grab two tables, two chairs from the shed.
We grab the large chalkboard with everything already written on it, ready to go for the market.
We try to remember the chalk, too. We grab table cloths and extra mason jars for the flower bouquets and sunflowers.
We pause and think for a second, and realize we’ve forgotten the weights for the tent- they’re in the greenhouse, squirreled away.
We grab extra bags.
We grab the cash box.
We grab paper, so we can write down what we sell.

The next morning, we grab the produce, harvest the sunflowers, put everything in the van and head over!
You’ll find us at 1771 Harvard street from 9am until 1pm all year long. Come on down!