There are way too many Fruits and Veggies to count. Apricot’s, Broccoli’s, Cherry’s, Elderberry’s, Fig’s, Green Bean’s, Iceberg Lettuce, Kiwi’s, Lemon’s, Mango’s, Nectarine’s, Olive’s, Pear’s, Raisin’s, Satsuma’s, Turnip’s, Watermelon’s, Zucchini’s. And there are many more. I wish there were a lot more of fruits and veggies like this in the garden. I hope to see more of them, in the future.



A couple of veggies from the garden that were washed and ready to eat, Yummm. I’ve been helping out in the garden about 5 weeks now. And I absolutely love it, so peaceful, and very stress reliving. A little chilly sometimes, but it’s okay. :]