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December 2015

What am I?

I’m low carb and I have vitamins K and C, along with some Potassium.
I’m green and purple, some people may think I’m red but all I am is antioxidants, Niacin, Iron, Folate, and some Calcium!
Do you know what I am?
I’m kale!

If you didn’t know what Kale taste like, kale tastes like a bitter version of broccoli. The cool thing about kale is that the edible part of kale is the leaves, which change color throughout the year. You can prepare kale in a few different ways such as sauteed, in a salad, in a soup, or even on a burger!


So many sunchokes!

Friday, the Agricultural Science class harvested Jerusalem artichokes…40 pounds of them! We can’t wait to try them for lunch this week. When eaten raw, they are kind of like a mild ginger or carrot. I bet they would be good on a salad. They can also be roasted, mashed, or sauteed.

Update: Roasted sunchokes had a mixed review. Some students liked them, some did not. They have been described as: tasking like potatoes; having the consistency of potatoes, but if the skin was like that of a pumpkin; tasking like baked pumpkin seeds; tasking like a mild garlic; the more well-cooked ones were mushy but the less-cooked ones were crunchy; when raw, they are kind of like radishes. Hooray for trying new foods!

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