This bed, currently filled with weeds, used to be filled with various types of squash that I had planted during the summer. However, they have since passed due to the cold weather (R.I.P.) during the winter months. I will help decide on what to plant in the spring, but for now, it will remain empty until at least February or March. For us to grow new plants in this bed, we will first have to weed the bed out, which we will do in the coming months, and turn the soil and add compost to give the soil additional nutrition. Before we do this however, we will have to determine what to plant, which as of the date I’m posting this, is currently unknown.

However, since we previously planted squash in this bed before, we could use principles based on crop rotation and plant an entirely different type of crop beside cucurbits in this bed. This would add diversity to our bed and reduce the risk of the spread of disease.

Once we decide what to grow in the bed we will make a follow up to this post stating both are reason behind our decision of what to plant and the conditions we have planted it in. As of now, however, we will have to wait until winter is over.


  • Post by Kevin Vaughn Hansberger and Michelle Wommack