By, Olivia C.

Raspberries are naturally inclined to grow in cooler climates, but the best time to plant them is early spring. You are going to want to space the plants 3 feet apart in rows that are 8 feet apart. Dig a hole that is roomy enough for the roots to spread.

The raspberry is a edible fruit that is part of the rose family, believe it or not. You can use raspberries for many different things. You can bake with them, make tea’s and lemonade. You can also freeze them. They will last 2-3 days in the refrigerator and 10-12 months in the freezer.

Nutritional facts:


Amount per. Cup

Calories- 65.                  % Daily Values

Total fat- 0.8g.                 1%

Sodium 1mg.                     0%

Potassium 186mg.             5%

Total carbohydrate 15%     5%

Dietary Fiber 8g.                 32%

Sugar 5g.

Protein 1.5g.                        3%

Vitamin A 0%           Vitamin C 53%

Calcium 3%               Iron 4%

Vitamin B-6 5%        Magnisium 6%