The Garden Leadership class has been doing a lot of great work this term. First, we looked at old garden plans and notes so that we could decide what to plant in the coming months. We thought about crop rotation, companion planting, and what produce is most needed in the cafeteria and farmers market. We also worked on the soil in our outdoor garden, adding leaves, compost soil, and chicken manure to return nutrients to the Earth. Then, we started doing some community outreach to find people who will donate supplies so that we can help a local non-profit start their garden. This week, we started planting seeds indoors so that when the time comes, we can transplant the starts out into our garden. So far, we have started celery, cauliflower, and various types of peas. Today, we made some mini greenhouses with seedling heating pads and plastic domes so that we can start tomatoes, peppers, and rosemary, seeds that need soil that is a little bit warmer in order to germinate (the germination temperature for the first set of plants is 55-65 degrees, and the germination temperature for the second is 76-85 degrees).

I am really proud of everyone that I have gotten to work with in the garden. Even when we are being chased by terrible yellow jackets, we have got some hard workers and smart cookies!

-Lynn, AmeriCorps Horticulturalist