I personally really enjoyed the class field trip to the chicken farm last Monday. During the field trip, I sorted chickens based upon their gender, I listened to a local farmer talk about his experiences through his career, and I visited a duck farm and found about how these kinds of farms operate. According to the farmer at King’s Farm, his unorthodox methods in chicken farming has effectively made sure that he will be barred from entering any industrialized chicken farm. He claims that industrial farmers are extremely cautious about who has access to their chickens because of the potential diseases that one might carry with them. I found this to be extremely interesting and it helped me gain a perspective on how local farms are treated by large industrial chicken farms.

At the local duck farm we visited, Ravenfeather Farms, we learned about the various types of ducks and about how to properly breed them and raise them. I also found this to be extremely interesting because I had not previously known some of the facts that I had learned on this trip. This trip helped me realize the importance that local farming can have on a community.


For more information about these local farms, Please visit their website at www.ravenfeathersfarm.com

  • K. H.