IMG_2557    Last week, each student in our science class were given a packet of different seeds. We had to read the back of our own individual packets to learn about our seeds. The back included information like when, where, and how to grow the seeds. I had evergreen bunching onions. My seeds could be planted directly outside in the sunlight and they had to be planted 1/4 – 1/2inch deep in the soil.

Out in the greenhouse, each of us took a small starter pot and filled it almost to the top with soil. After that, we sprinkled some magic growing dust onto the soil. Then, using a pencil with marked measurements, we made our seed’s holes. In each hole, we put 2 or so seeds. We made sure to plant a lot because it’s unlikely that they will all survive because the seed packet had expired. Finally, we covered them with soil so they can begin to grow. If we had extra seeds, we continued to fill more starter packs until we had used them all.