Lately, we’ve been learning about the use of branch spreaders to create more space between branches. By doing so, we are improving the structure of the tree. Also, sometimes branches grow too close together, causing the canopy to be too closed. When this happens, there isn’t enough light and air reaching all the branches. With the use of branch spreaders, it allows the branches to grow further apart, opening up the canopy, so air and light have more access to the branches and fruit.

Branch spreading also helps improve the size and quality of the fruit being grown. Branch spreaders can be bought, or you can make your own. Here at Phoenix, Lindley (Ag. Science teacher) saved some money by making them. We went out in our orchard and used them to space apart any young branches that may be too close together. Our goal is to create a larger angle between branches so they can grow more efficiently.

The best part is you can reuse your branch spreaders! Why throw them away? They’re perfectly reusable. So, year after year you can keep your trees healthy and help them flourish.