Today on this marvelous March day, RSSA (regularly scheduled student activity) students and myself transplanted snap peas from individual containers in the Greenhouse to garden bed 2. To prepare the soil, we used shovels and pitchforks to turn the soil and leave and added fertile compost soil on top. We turned the plants upside down, gently squeezed the containers, separated the roots of two plants from each other if needed, and added the plant to the soil with a pinch of kelp meal. We figured out that we did this just in time too, and some of the plants were starting to become root-bound (that means that the roots are starting to run out of room in their containers). Because the seedlings have been in the greenhouse, we decided they did not need to be hardened off. Hardening off is when you set plants to be transplanted outside a few days to get used to the outdoors before putting them in the soil. Being in the greenhouse without a heater, however, the plants have already been exposed to a lot of sunlight and low temperatures (using a thermometer, we have found out that at night, the greenhouse only stays a few degrees warmer than the outdoors). We are hopeful that these little babies will do well in their new home and start climbing upwards soon!

~Lynn, AmeriCorps Horticulturalist~

transplant picture 3.17.16.jpg
Snap pea seedlings transplanted outside on March 17.