Now that all of the students are back from Spring Break, it’s time to continue working on preparing the garden for the Spring! In the morning, we transplanted spinach and bok choy (Chinese cabbage) into two of the beds in the greenhouse. We are finding that this is working better than planting seeds right into the greenhouse beds, as pill bugs have been munching away at the seedlings before they have a chance to get big.

Outside, the beds are starting to look really nice. In Garden Leadership, we turned all of the soil, pulled tons of weeds, and added compost soil to the beds. In addition, we have been adding more mulch to the aisles, making the garden both look better and helping suppress obnoxious weeds.

The weather is getting warmer every week, the sun is staying out longer, and we are working our buns off while having lots of fun!

~Lynn, AmeriCorps Horticulturalist~