How are bee’s beneficial for your garden?

Good question. Well bees as I like to but it are the honey of your garden. With both your flowers and your vegetables they offer many healthy essentials.They are especially important pollinators  of entomophilous – Plants pollinated by insects as opposed to wind pollination. There are about 5,000 different bee species in the United States, 2,000 in Canada, and 20,000 species recognized worldwide. All bees are dependent on flowers. Most bees favor only certain species of flowers when collecting pollen. some flowers have secrete oil glands that bees love collecting. Bees won’t chew up or harm your your flowers, they are loving and there to help. We want bee’s in our garden. don’t you> Well the way you do that is to have more color and the wider variety of flowers in your garden the better. They are particularly fond of blue, purple, yellow, and white flowers. Use Native Plants – Bees in your area will be most attracted to native plants that they are familiar with. Mix a few in with your favorite ornamental. In our orchard we have lots of bees. Right now there is actually a bee hive. Some kids in our class are making be houses. So you see Bees are not harmful or bad they are cute little insects that are beatifically if you let them be bees.