spider blog.jpgAll you hear most people say about spiders is ” they’re so ugly” ” it’s gonna jump or bite you” ” Look at those eyes and legs” But most spiders don’t harm humans. In fact, they help us. Spiders are an effective predator in your garden. They are amazing hunters. Catching and eating all matter of insect pest. You can categorize spiders into two kinds: the weavers/spinners and the hunters. The weavers are the ones people mostly see. Hanging around their web not really doing much. And then there are the hunters, the ones that you don’t really see and are in the hard to reach places. The ones that prowl around, Those spiders are the ones that do the most good into your garden. As a spider hater would say ” how effective are spiders in controlling insects that invade your garden”? Well they are the most effective insects of them all. Even more then birds. Although spiders are so aggressive that they do go after other beatifically insects. But its not that often you see a Bee trapped in a spider web. It’s time we got over our fear of spiders. If you see a web, don’t destroy it. If you see a spider standing or racing across your garden soil, resist the urge to smash it.

What spiders go after: Aphids, armyworm, leafhoppers, flea-hoppers, leafminers and spider mites. They attack the spruce budworm, pine sawfly, sorghum midge and tobacco budworm.