Bee careful in the orchard! The other day, Isaac spotted a huge cluster of bees on a tree in the corner of our orchard. Because of this, we were unable to thin that tree.

Lynn took on the job of finding a way to get rid of these little buzzers. She was able to get a hold of multiple people who might be able to take care of our problem. One lady said she could help! Lynn helped get rid of the bees. They had to wear some protection, but Lynn still got stung a little bit. Now, all the bees are gone. Bees can be good for your plants because they pollinate the flowers. In this case, though, it was a hazard to the students. There were hundreds of them! We didn’t want anyone to get stung, so they had to go.

Here is a picture from our orchard and Angela, who came and helped us out. Look at all of those bees!