pressed flowers

The other day, with Lynn, we went out in the garden and picked some flowers that we liked. There were only a few different kind, but the poppies were definitely my favorite.

To have beautiful pressed flowers, you want to find the cleanest ones that are clear of spots and blemishes. For best results, you want to pick your flowers on a nice and sunny day. That way, they won’t be wet from rain or dew.

Then, using a book or newspaper, you want to arrange your flowers on a page how you want them. Some can be face down, or some can be on their side. It’s however you want your flowers to look when they’re done. Finally, you want to close the page with the flowers inside. Once it’s closed, you want to make sure you have some weight on the book or newspaper to press the flowers. Leave it alone for several days.

Pressed flowers are really pretty, and the flowers will last longer and keep their color!