Recently during Phoenix’s endeavors in agriculture, we have been learning about how to tend to trees. Why you ask? Well, there are many things that can effect health and growth of a young tree. One of these things is branches growing too close to other limbs.

When branches grow too close together, or grow up at a sharp angle, it causes more stress on the limbs, which can ultimately cause them to break. It also blocks sunlight from getting to all the leaves and cuts down the amount of airflow the plant receives. Because of this, it is important to instal spacers early in the tree’s life so they can grow properly.

Spacers can be made of clothes pins, rulers, or flat pieces of wood about one inch across. The length varies depending on the age tree. The spacer should have one “V” shaped notch at either end. They should be placed gently in the tree, with the branch you want to move resting in one notch, and the other notch firmly stationed on the branch or main part of the tree. Spacers should be left for 2-3 years and should be checked every 2 weeks or after an extremely blustery day.

Here at Phoenix, we used the spacers in our orchard. All our trees are young and we are hoping to get them spaced before it becomes a problem.