snake blogMost people tend to stay away from snakes because of their fear of the. What they don’t understand is the benefits of them which works out for the snakes in a way. No matter what people say about them most want to kill them. but maybe if we discuss the advantages of them it will defer a few wanna be killers of them. In the garden snakes can be of great benefit. They eat insects or rodents primarily, neither which are likely to benefit the garden themselves They do many things without damaging the environment one bit. They don’t chew or hurt plants in any way.   One rodent eating snake can nearly decimate a rat family in weeks, and several small snakes can do severe damage to a grasshopper population in a confined area in just one summer. the avoid Gardner’s in anyway. Basically, they eat many of the bad things in your garden. Most snakes in the U.S. are non-poisnous and for the most part harmless. They’re very clean animals And carry very few diseases.