You may know that Kale is healthy for you but do you know just how healthy? One serving of kale has more absorb-able calcium than a small carton of milk topping the nutrient density scale. This species of wild cabbage can be found or grown really anywhere with a normal range in climate, but once the weather gets too hot the kale will stop growing. Colder weather is actually preferred for growing it seeing as it brings out the natural nutty flavor of the plant that plants grown during the fall tend to have. Now kale isn’t for everyone, if you’re on a blood thinner the vitamin K vitamin in kale could be to much for you and may interfere with your medicine intake.

Kale is harvested from the garden for the kitchen and is used inside the salad bar for school lunch. The kale in our garden gives a nice touch to a delicious salad made at our schools salad bar.