arbutus4-8-10April showers brings May flowers. And May puts them in a vase.

It is finally May so a lot of flowers will be blooming if they haven’t already. The picture above is called a Epigaea repens also known commonly by the name “Mayflower.” Native along the East coast of America. They were named by the pilgrims after the boat “Mayflower” stating it was the first flower to cheer the hearts of the people. Even though the pilgrims didn’t arrive at America until late fall, the winter was harsh.

They are a low shrub that grows close to the ground, six inches at the tallest. The grow where the winter leaves haven’t covered. They have big oval leaves, hairy stems, and come in colors of light pink or white. The middle has hair like, texture. The flower itself is very small. An inch or less.

The purpose of these flowers are to cover any bald areas from anything above so life can live and grow after the Mayflower dies away. It’s a great plant to have growing along any forest floor and very pretty to look at.