sunflower blog.jpgSunflower -Helianthus annuus- . It commonly grows 5 to 12 feet tall and is a great focal point for any garden. Sunflower is not only attractive to the human eye, but it can be beneficial to a garden. . Plants thrive on other plants. They need companion plants and Sunflowers are actually one of the best companion plants. Some vegetables, like lettuce , need shade, so in a particularly sunny area a fully grown sunflower can provide that. Sunflower roots dig deep channels, which can help corn roots grow deep in the following year if planted in the same spot. Sunflowers also help keep the weeds down. They also have lots of high-quality protein in the nectar which attracts the bees. Sunflowers are also beneficial when they are dying. The birds are attracted to the dry heads and the birds eat the pests that are roaming the garden. So you see from the beauty to them even dying Sunflower plants are very beneficial