In the loving memory of Tiny “T” (Tina) may she forever rest in peace.

Tiny “T” was a chicken everyone loved and adored. She had a limp but no one thought of her any different. Tashi Risley was the one to name Tiny “T” after hatching back in December 12, 2015. Though Tiny “T” life had come to an end in January 26, 2016, a few feathers were kept and placed in a little box to be buried in the garden. On April 22nd, 2016 was the final goodbye to Tiny “T” as she was buried on a little hill surrounded with beautiful flowers and tasty bugs.

“I watched Tiny T as she began hatching so I was given the privilege to watch her and her sister over Christmas break. I’ve done therapy on her to help her little gimpy leg and prayed that she would get better. When I found out she had been put down, I was devastated. She sure was special to me. I am so happy I got to watch her grow and be apart of her life.” Tashi says.

And many others were sad to see her go but are happy to have known her and her sweet loving personality. She was the loudest of the two and would enjoy disrupting classes for attention.

When she went to be set on a new journey of life, she was given to the science lab to be tested for Marek’s disease. The tests came back negative but she did have joints that were severely deformed and this did happen at hatching. Either way she was given a wonderful life for the short time she had. She was always loved and cared for.

~Kay Dee~