To make a perfect garden:

Step one: make sure there is loose and well drained soil that has at least 8-12 hours of sunlight in the area you choose.

Step Two: Avoid any low areas such as the base of the hill. Naturally, when water falls on top of the hill it drains down to the bottom leaving extra “moist” to frost during cooler days.

Step three: If you are planting on a slope because for some reason you live in between four tight hills, creating contour rows before you plant is best when you want to avoid erosion.

Step four: AVOID windy areas. Because wind can actually snap and break your plants. But if you live in places like Ireland, England, or Kansas, build a windbreak.

Step five: If you are not a farmer, plant close to your house. This is so if you got a minute, you can check on your garden.

Step six: Unless the plant likes little water and no sun, DO NOT plant under and shrubs or trees. Seriously, that is like sticking a sun bather in northern Russia. Just don’t.

Step seven: Remember that awkward family reunion you had to attend? All those old drama stories that were brought up but already established a hundred times? Remember? Plants have the same problem. Pumpkin doesn’t like zucchini because she crowds the bed. Also, the insects she attracts- you’re better off with a flea infested dog. Try not planting genetically related plants together. It makes it easier for nature’s “bad side” to harm both of the pants instead of one. And also be sure that you turn the dirt in each bed often every few years. It would bring the bacteria, virus, and bug infest rate down.

Step eight: Last but not at the least, avoid any busy roads because of airborne pollution, per-say lead. Plant’s don’t like to smoke unlike some people so keep your plants healthy and strong.

So there you have it. The perfect garden. So dip your thumb into some green paint and help us grow that like- I mean that garden!