Mint is an herbaceous plant that is native to Europe, Asia and Africa. Found to grow only in more temperate climates and in moist soil that allow enough sunlight. The oils found in mint are both beneficial to how you smell and how you feel! Mint has one of the highest antioxidant amount of any food and is one of the highest over looked methods of medicinal purposes as well as the rest of herb family. The leaves of the mint contains a compound of pulegone and menthol which are responsible for the aromatic affects and cooling affects that it produces.  Most species of mints are perennial which means they can survive in the wild with no help except from nature for up to two years or more.

The next time you have a cup of tea you should add in a little piece of mint! Mint carries vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B2. Giving it a total punch of nutrition and aromatherapy qualities. Mint is highly used by the medical industry and in the cosmetic industry.

Here at Phoenix we use mint in soaps that the LOFT program makes and sells to profit the school. We even garnished the tops of the dessert that was served at auction night with mint, everything we do at phoenix pays off in the long haul and our garden is one of those things!