image1 image2 On Friday, April 29, 2016, we went on a field trip to plant trees. Six of us students from science, went with Lynn to Sunshine Park up the street. There, we met a nice lady named Tracey, who provided us with the trees and other tools that we would need. There was around 50 trees that we needed to plant. They weren’t all the same kind, though. There was a few different types of trees and even some shrubs.

As you can see in the first picture, we planted these trees along the fence that separates the park from the road. Planting the trees was a lot more work than we had expected. First, we had to dig a hole big enough to fit the tree and its roots. Digging in this soil was more difficult though, because it wasn’t just plain dirt. This soil was like clay. Once our hole was dug, we pulled the plants from their pot and placed them inside. Using the soil we had dug up, we covered the empty spaces and covered all the roots.

Now that our tree was planted, we had to make a cage to protect it. On both sides of each tree or shrub, we had to hammer two wooden posts into the ground. Then, we put the metal cages around the posts and tree, with the posts to ensure stability. Using zip ties, we secured the cages to the posts. Finally, our trees were ready to be left alone and grow.