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“The cabbage moth is a common Palearctic moth of the family Noctuidae. It is found in Europe, Russia and across the Palearctic to Japan. This species varies in size, with a wingspan of 34–50 mm.” (Wikipedia)

This brown moth’s caterpillars are pests to cabbages and other related plants. The caterpillars that hatch are green and well camouflaged. They live on the underside of leaves, making them less visible to predators.

These little moths are evil to your cabbage. They eat holes through your cabbage leaves and will even eat them down to the middle rib! However, there are ways to get rid of these evil pests.

One way is by making sticky traps. To do so, you take a piece of wood and paint it bright yellow to attract them. Then, you coat it in petroleum jelly so when they come to the wood, they’ll get stuck.

Another way is making a protective spray for your plants. You mix dish washing liquid, molasses, fish emulsion, water, and beer into a large sprayer. Then you can spray everything in your garden. This recipe makes the plants all stronger and more able to withstand attacks from all sorts of pests.

To help prevent more cabbage moths, it’s important to practice crop rotation. If you don’t, then your problem will only get worse and worse. This goes for any of your other plants.