Today, I accidentally did something horrible.

We went out into the greenhouse so Lynn and Lindley could show off the great work that they did cleaning it. When we walked in, the first thing I saw was this giant spider. So, my natural instinct was to smash its little life with my foot. I had not realized it was a jumping spider though.

It turns out, jumping spiders are good for your garden. These spiders are predators of many insects, and since they also don’t eat plants, they are very beneficial to your garden. Spiders are scary, but jumping spiders don’t normally harm humans unless they are threatened. So, if you leave them alone so they can do their thing, then they’ll leave you alone so you can do yours.

Think of them as little garden guards. They prowl around all day, just waiting to pounce on their next victim, which also also happens to be your enemy in the case of growing a good garden. They’re free helpers, so take advantage of that!

Because of my unfortunate murder of the poor jumping spider, I have named him Jack, and I dedicate this post to him. Rest in peace Jack the Jumping Spider, you will be missed.