Recently, we’ve gotten some new friends in our garden.

In the garden, we have a new box of bees. I know that bees can be frightening, but they’re actually really beneficial to your garden. As pollinators, they offer an important ingredient to maintaining a healthy garden. Without bees, who would pollinate our crops? We need the bees to go from plant to plant, carrying pollen to another flower of the same species. This way, our plants can be fertilized and start fruit and seed production.

In our case, we have a bee box to house our bees, but if you don’t have that kind of access, there are some other ways to attract bees into your garden. It’s important for you to create a habitat for the bees by providing pollen and nectar, and shelters in your garden space.

“There are four essential elements for designing a bee garden:

  1. Choose plants that are best suited for attracting bees in your region
  2. Limit the use of insecticides that are toxic to bees and other beneficial pollinators
  3. Provide shelter in your garden from elements such as wind, rain, or cold
  4. Create habitat for the nest of the pollinator to support the entire life cycle of the pollinator from egg to larva to adult.” (