No more tomatoes in the beds of the green house. Over the past 3-4years, all they have been planting during the summer is tomatoes in the beds. The soil isn’t good anymore, and can be no longer used. Growing the same crop over and over and over will ruin the soil for future crops, and destroy the nutrients in it. Switching out which plant is planted each year can prevent soil to go bad. Because if you’re just planting a tomatoes plant every year, and you get pest. And every year you plant more and more tomatoes bring in more pest causing disease.  That’s why you should do crop rotation. Crop Rotation is very good for your garden or food crop. When doing rotation, it leaches the soil of one kind of nutrient is followed during the next growing season by a dissimilar crop that returns that nutrient to the soil. To bad were not having tomatoes this summer but there’s always next year!:)