Earthworms are very important in more ways than so. You could practically call them “ecosystem engineers”

Earthworms change the structure of their environments. There are different types of earthworms which makes different types of  burrows. Some go horizontal and some vertical. They mix soil layers, the tunnels allow soil air and water to get to the roots of the plants. Plants do not grow without air and water getting to them. Most soil has earthworms roaming around in it. Earthworms have a positive effect on ba cteria and fungi in soils. Where earthworms are present there are more bacteria and fungi and they are more active. This is important as bacteria and fungi are key in releasing nutrients from organic matter and making them available to plants. They are also an important source of food in their own right for many other animals that live in soils. If you want more earthworms in your garden you can do so by adding more organic soil.

Earthworms that you are likely to run into are: Night crawlers, Garden worms, Manure worms, and red worms.