The Greenhouse, that is. Phoenix Charter School has once again brought an Americorps member on board to mentor, educate, and connect with Phoenix students through the Garden, Greenhouse, and Orchard. This year’s “Think Local Horticulturist” is me — Kate Willsen. I’m the silver-haired lady walking around the halls with that big black dog. His name is Oz, and he has been my #1 partner for eight years now.

I was born and raised in New York City and lived there for all of my life until just three years ago when I retired from NYC Parks, sold my home, jumped in the car with Oz, and took my first cross-country trip. I have had many wonderful adventures on this side of the Rocky Mountains, but I am MOST excited about serving my country through Americorps.

This year’s Americorps project will include the development of a blueberry farm and vineyard. Add that to past Americorps projects like the Garden, Greenhouse, Orchard, the Inclusion Club … Well, Americorps really has helped Phoenix School GROW! Let’s keep things sprouting by getting involved in all of our garden projects this year! Keep tuning into the blog to stay up to date on budding opportunities…