Ever wonder what Micro greens are and how to grow them? Maybe your wondering what the benefits of having and/or eating them could be.

Micro greens are a universal name for any green vegetable or herb that has edible leaves and is harvested at a cotyledon growth stage which is when they are young. You  could grow probably any lettuce or herb as a micro green. Common micro greens are basil, mustard, arugula, cabbage etc.

When growing micro greens you typically scatter seeds on top of a inch of soil that is in a tray. You do not put a extra layer of soil on top of them. Leave as is and mist with water. After you put a cover over it to keep it moist and dark for the next few days. Check them frequently until you start to see roots, then keep the cover off permanently. You must harvest your micro-greens based on how your crops look. Micro greens are simple to grow but must be harvested quickly to enjoy on your salads, stir fryers and other dishes.

Home growing micro greens can help with no exposure to pollutants. Another benefit is all the nutrients that they provide, such as Vitamins K,C, and E. They actually carry more nutrients than mature plants. Micro greens are high in fiber and high in Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

Here in AG. Science we are growing our own. I’m growing Lemon Cucumber micro greens it will take 8 days before they grow and two weeks before I can harvest. I can’t wait to see how they turn out. I’ve learned a lot about how to grow these little sprouts and all of there benefits. Everyone should start growing them in there own homes.