Indoor plants provide color, warmth, and texture to a home. In order to keep this they must be taken care of. In this post I’m going to give you some tips on how to keep them looking good and staying healthy.

When you first get your plant it matters what area in the house you put it in, a plant needs direct sunlight in order to undergo photosynthesis. If sunlight’s not available fluorescent lights can work as well. Once you pick a spot it is good to keep it where it is, plants accumulate to there surroundings slowly, this includes having your plant in a place with drastic change in temperature.

Provide your plant with consistent ( room temp ) water, you want it to be moist not super wet. Both over watering and having the plant to dry can damage the plant. You know if a plant needs water if the leaves are cracked or the soil becomes lighter.  You know if you have over watered if there is mold or water sitting at the bottom of the container. It is good to select a pot with good water damage.

Prune your plant regularly, read up on your plants to make sure they are pruned correctly to keep it healthy and prevent  you from having to re-plant. You must cut the dead branches and stems to prevent bugs.

Do not put tea or coffee into your plant it will attract flies that will eat your plant. There is no specific care for ALL indoor plants, you must follow the guidelines for them individually. You can look online or at the tag to get proper details for care