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March 2017

Big Worms! -By CM

        While straining rocks out of the garden bed we came across these very large worms. We got excited and honored to know that such large creatures will be helping us keep our garden happy.

A good amount of worms is so wonderful because they improve our water filtration rates which minimizes the plants from drowning as well as improves the soil aeration, porosity, and permeability. These are only a few of the wonderful benefits of our wiggly buddies.

So next time you find a worm don’t throw it! Consider putting it in your garden to improve its life and the lives of your plants.



The greenhouse floors have been torn up from years of hard work and learning done by the students at Pheonix School. Seeing as the floor was torn up and covered in dirt it was becoming both a cosmetic and safety issue. Our solution? Ripping  it up and replacing it with somthing better!

Now our greenhouse is both safer and much easier on the eyes. This change should benefit both the hard working students, staff and visitors alike. We plan to take care of it until it needs to be replaced once again.

Aphid Issues -By CM

          We currently have been under attack by a certain insect that enjoys to feed off of the leaves of our plants. This insect comes in many colors including green, black and white and is often referred to as “Plant Lice”. This insect is known as the Aphid.

Aphids have been a common pest of gardens for many years. They latch onto your plants suck them of their nutrients which is definatly not good for any garden. To fight off these little pests we have made a concoction of organic soap, water and pepper to detour the Aphids from our plants without harming the plants in the process. We also must comb through the plants to squish them one by one which is a very tedious job. Though tough, it seems to be making a diffrence which is what really matters.

Root Maggots?-By CM

         Root Maggots are a name given to the symphyla, a pest that we suspect to have come into our soil recently. These soil dwelling arthropods are related to the centipede and enjoy eating up at dead roots.

We had most recently noticed them when we transplanted some plants into our freshly made garden bed. After a few days we noticed a dead plant so we pulled it up to see these small white creatures crawling all over it. It wasn’t clear whether or not the plant was dead because of the symphyla or if they were only after the decaying roots. After that we were curious and did much research to identify the creature and symphyla was our closest match.

Since the incident we have not been able to find anymore and are hoping they are gone for good. Though we will be keeping our eyes out for them in the months to come.

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