If you find yourself wondering into the Phoenix School Garden this time of year you will see many blueish purple flowers sprawled out among the garden. These beauties are known as Borage (Borago officinalis) though may also be known as the Star Flower. It is an annual herb that is originally from the Mediterranean but also does well in climates like our own.

Traditionally, humans cultivated Borage for its medicinal and culinary uses though recently we have been cultivating it for its Borage seed oil. Borage has a cucumber like taste which can be desirable within salads or as a garnish. The Flower has a honey like taste which makes for a lovely touch atop a desert.

Medicinally, Borage can be very useful and nutritious. It contains high levels of vitamin C, vitamin A and iron. Though there are plenty of health benefits you should take caution when exploring the medicinal properties for it contains compounds that may have negative affects on the kidneys.

Borage is truly an amazing plant to have around and we are thankful to be able to see it bloom within our garden this spring.

Happy gardening!