Choosing a plant in which to highlight can be very fun, tricky and tedious. You must know what plant seems interesting and what that plant might have to offer to humans and other creatures alike. Whilst searching the garden I happened upon a lovely bush full of purple bunches that the bees loved. This, I would soon realize, was Lavender.

Lavender is the common name of Lavandula augustifolia, a fragrant shrub that is native to the Mediterranean. Lavender can be used in many ways including aromatically,  medicinally and within the culinary arts.

Using Lavender to relax is a very common practice. You can find lavender in lotions, soaps, bath oils and many other relaxing products. Some will say that lavender does wonders on the mind for it is a soothing properties and they wouldn’t be wrong. Lavender contains an oil that has a known sedating effect.

Medicinally, Lavender is known to have many benefits. The herb might help you cope with your anxiety and depression as well as help those sleep who have insomnia. You can also use it for pain, acne and upset stomach. The list really does go on.

Some are surprised when they find out that they can use Lavender in the kitchen… and I was to! Though it may most commonly be used in a spice like the French herb blend known as “herbes de provence”. You can also use it in baking and herbal tea blends.

Lavender truly can be a wonderful plant to remember, though many might stumble by it without much thought. I am glad I was curious to look to lavender to know more about.

Happy gardening!