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Aphids or otherwise known as plant lice are nasty little buggers, They destroy plants and ruin gardens.
When you see Aphids in your garden its never a good sign, they could have already spread out along all of the plants in your garden and already laid thousands of eggs.
When aphids attach to your plant they’re pretty much sucking all the nutrients and good stuff from the plant. They carry Plant viruses and these viruses can sometimes kill the plant and destroy all the crops with it.
Aphids almost always have soft bodies but they come in a large variety of colors such as Green, Black, Pink, Brown or almost colorless. They can also Create winged offspring so that they can travel from plant to plant.
You can kill aphids by spraying, especially under the leaves, with a solution of 2 tsp mild dish or laundry soap to a bottle of lukewarm water. The soap washes off the aphid’s protective waxy coating and causes dehydration. You can add a tiny amount of cayenne pepper to prevent them from coming back.
Take this advice and keep them outta your garden!!